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Escena Digital: voice over prices

Voice over prices. Voice over price. Voice over pricing. Corporate voice over price. E-learning voice over prices. Cartoon voice over prices. Documentary voice over prices. Voice over artist rates. Commercial voice over prices. Broadcast voice over rates. Non-Broadcast voice over prices. Dubbing quotes. Dubbing rates. Dubbing prices. Dubbing recording rates. Dubbing production rates. Voice over rate

Escena Digital: dubbing quotes

Voice over quotes. Non-broadcast voice over rates. Non-broadcast voice over pricess. Voice over rate. Voice over quotes.Voice over service rates. Voice over prices. Voice over agency rates. Voice over rates non-broadcast.Voice over services rates.Voice over rates tv and radio broadcast. Professional voice over rates. Dubbing quotes. Dubbing rates. Dubbing prices. Voiceover rates. Voice over rates per word: 0.03 to 0.19 EUR. Voice over prices per minute: 6 EUR to 19 EUR . Voice over rates per hour: 360 EUR to 1200 EUR. E-learning voice over rates, audio books voice over rates and IVR voice over rates. Voice over costs.

Escena Digital : voice over prices

Broadcast voice over prices Non broadcast voice over prices. Voice over quotation. Voice acting agency costs : male voice over rate. Female voice over rate and quote. Voice acting rates. Spanish recordings fees. Spanish voice overs quotation. Cheap voice overs rates and fees. Cheap voice overs agency quotes. Spanish voice overs budget . Voice overs quotation. Spanish dubbing services rates. Budget for recording in Spanish from Spain studio. Voice over rates non-broadcast. Voice over rates tv broadcast.

Escena Digital voice over agency

Voice over rates. Voice over rates broadcast. Voice over rates non-broadcast. Voice over prices


Voice over rates

Voice over rates. Voice over rate. Voice over quotation. Voice over agency services españoles.


Voice over prices

Voice over prices. Voice over price per minute . Voice over prices per word ingleses

Voice over cost

Voice over cost. Voice actor rates. Voice acting rates. Voice over agency prices.

Dubbing prices

Dubbing prices. English dubbing prices. Spanish dubbing prices. Portuguese dubbing prices.

Dubbing quotes

Dubbing quotes. English dubbing quotes. Spanish dubbing quotes. Portuguese dubbing quotes

Video dubbing rates

Dubbing cartoon quotes. Video dubbing prices. Dubbing documentaries quotation.


Escena Digital : voice over rates. Voice over prices


Non-broadcast recordings. Voice over rates

Audio-guide– 2000 words :450 €
E-learning courses: 2000 words 600 €

IVR message (budget per one) 150 €
Audiobook -2000 words 450 €

Casting (per voice) 200 €
Toys/machines: 400 €
Podcasts: 1000 words- 200 €

Educational videos:2000 words 450 €

Corporate videos: 500 words: 375 €

Medical narration: 500 words: 300 €


Non-broadcast recordings. Discount

Audio guide – 2000 words: 20 to 40 %
E-learning courses-
2000 words: 10 to 70 %

IVR messages : 20 to 50 %
Audiobook: 2000 words: 20 to 40 %

Casting (per voice) : 20 to 100 %
Toys/machines : 20 to 40 %

Podcasts:3000 words: 20 to 40 %
Educational videos– 2000 words: 30 to 60 %

Corporate videos: 500 words – 20 to 40 %

Medical narration: 500 words – 20 -50%



Escena Digital : Commercial voice over. Advertising recording. Radio and Tv broadcast recordings


Broadcast recordings. Voice over rates

TV broadcast-National– 525 €
TV broadcast- Regional: 400 €

Radio broadcast- National: 150 €
Radio broadcast-Regional -130 €

Casting (per voice) 100 €
Social Media recording: 430 €
Internet radio: 150 €

Broadcast corporate videos: 450 €

Video games recordings: 500 words: 375 €

Youtube channel recording: 500 words: 280 €


Broadcast recordings. Discount

TV broadcast-National– 20-40 %
TV broadcast- Regional: 30-40 %

Radio broadcast- National: 10-20 %
Radio broadcast-Regional -10-20 %

Casting (per voice) 10-30 %
Social Media recording: 20-50 %
Internet radio: 10-20 %

Broadcast corporate videos: 20-40 %

Video games recordings: 500 words: 20-50%

Youtube channel : 500 words: 30-60 %

The general recording rates displayed on this page correspond only to recordings made in Spanish, Catalan and Galician. Dubbing rates are detailed by language. These data constitute an average budget estimate. They have to bear in mind that some announcers have a higher rate for the performance of their work and that the management reserves the right to decide the content that can be recorded at any time. The rates that are sent by email are valid for the time indicated and refer to the exact recording of the budgeted text. The discount on recordings made by Scene Digital is included in the rate offered in your written and personal budget for each client, it is not cumulative. Consult previously our work methodology. To have access to the discount offered on this page, it is necessary that you send us an email to with the voiceover or dubbing text. Telephone quotes are not offered. Budget for documentary and audiovisual dubbing. Quote for the recording of telephone messages for companies. Rate for the insertion of library music or composition for companies, radio or television. Budget for telephone switchboard message recordings. Documentary dubbing fee. Find out your speaker price per word, your voice over price per minute, your voice over price per video.esto para grabaciones de mensajes de centralitas telefónicas. Tarifa de doblaje de documentales.


Escena Digital :  Voice over rates. Dubbing rates


Broadcats recordings- Television recordings

Voice over rates in Spanish. Voice over rates in English. Voice over rates in Russian.  We are about 6000 voice overs in 90 different languages

Television broadcast recording. German voice over: Sebastian

Corporate videos. Voice over prices

Voice over rates per minute. Voice over rates per word.  The best voice over rates . Recording studio dubbing quotation. Corporate viceos

Corporate video recording:“TimoCom”. Spanish voice over :“Albert”.


E-learning voice over quotation

You can listen more demos .  The best voice over rates for e-learning courses recordings. E-learning voices in 90 different languages. E-learning voice over rates

Video dubbing: Land Rover . E-learning course. Spanish voice: Carlos


Escena Digital : dubbing rates. Dubbing quotes. Music free cost


Dubbing :television and films

Spanish dubbing films: 65 – € minute

English dubbing: 120 € minute
French dubbing: :90 € minute

Portuguese dubbing 60 € euros minute
Spanish documentary (voice-over): 19 € minute

English documentary (voice-over): 23 € minute

French documentary(voice-over): 22 € minute

Portuguese documentary:: 21 euros minute


Voice over rates: DISCOUNT

Spanish dubbing-discount: 10-45 %

English dubbing-discount 10-20 €
French dubbing-discount::10-25 %

Portuguese dubbingdiscount:: 20-40 %
Spanish documentary-discount: (voice-over): 20-40 %

English documentary-discount:(voice-over): 20-30%

French documentary-discount: (voice-over): 20-30 %

Portuguese documentary-discount:  25- 40%


Commercial music rates


Television song . National spot: 2.500 €. Discount: 20-60%

Television song- regional: 1.700 €. Discount: 20-60%

Commercial music: 150-300 €. Discount:  50-100 %

IVR music: 60 €. Discount: 50-100%

Audio guide music: 100-500 € . Discount:  50-100 %

Radio - Jingles : 600 € . Discount: 20-30 %

Video music- Free music: 60-190 € . Discount: : 50-100%

Voice overs. Voice over agency

International voice over company

Voice over demos: broadcast and no broadcast recordings

Free music. Royalty-free music for videos

Free music for videos

Free music for videos. Documentary music. Commercial music free

Voice over agency.  Voice over company

Voice over rates. Escena DIGITAL

Escena Digital: the best costumers

Voice over recordings:  videos, television, non-broadcast recording.  These are our costumers and complete list
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Voice over rates. Quotation


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