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Italian voice over. Italian voice overs. Italian voice over talents. Italian voice over agency. Italian voice over services. Italian voices


Italian voice over. Italian voice overs. Italian voice over talents. Italian voices. Italian voiceover services. Italian voice overs agency.  Italian voice overs video recording. Italian voice overs for e-learning courses. Italian voice overs for documentaries and spots.  Recording studio in Italy.  Reocording dubbing studio in Italy. Italian voice overs for commercials and IVR recordings.  Dubbing films in Italian  language.   Recordings for Italian natives voice overs. Italian voice overs for television .  Italian  voice overs for dubbing. Italian voice over rates. Italian voices. Italian IVR voice prompts recordings.  Italian dubbing rates. Italian dubbing quotes

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Italian female voice overs. Group A   Italian male voice overs. Group A
locutora italiana, italian voice talent Terry, Italian female voice talent Italian voice over Max,  italian male voice over
Orsola, Italian voice over talent locutor italiano, Italian voice over, Italian voice talent Paolo Esp, Italian voice talent
Laura Malt, Italian voice talent Corrado, Italian voice over
Laura Mx, Italian female voice talent Giovanni, Italian male voice over
Renata, Italian female voice over locutor italiano, Italian voice talent,  Italian voice over
Federico Fog, Italian Voice talent
locutor italiano, Italian voice over, Italian voice talent Joe,  Italian voice over
Rafaella Fiore, young female italian voice locutor italiano, Italian voice over, Italian voice talent Rob,  Italian voice over
Samanta,  Italian female voice talent Michele Le, Italian voice over
Monica, Italian female voice talent Antonio Amor, Italian voice talent
Federica, italian female voice over Gianluca Ma, Italian male voice talent
Sunny, Italian female voice over Gianluca Jac,  Italian voice talent

Italian voice overs: Max and Laura. Dubbing documentary: Tuna

Michele, Italian voice talent. Recording spot "StabHub"
Italian female voice overs. Group B Italian male voice overs. Group B
Cristina,  Italian female voice talent   Janpa, Italian male voice over
Vanina,female italian voice Italian voice overs team, Italian voice talent Enrico Vai, Italian voice talent
Roberta Pas. Italian female voice talent Francesco M, Italian male voice talent
Sonia, Italian female voice talent Paolo Ton, Italian male voice over
Daniela Bru, italian female voice talent   Lougi, male italian voice
Gabriella, Italian female voice talent   Massimo N, male italian voice
Fabiana, Italian female voice talent   Marco,  Italian male voice over
Elisabetta, Italian female voice talent   locutor italiano. Italian voice over Fabio Fe, Italian male voice talent
Anna, Italian female voice talent   Mauro, Italian voice over
Mónica, Italian female voice over   Enrico Max, Italian voice talent
Daniela, Italian female voice talent   Chris Bian, italian male voice

Paolo, italian voice talent, video report for Seat Leon Xperience


Paolo,  Italian voice over. Recording video VIA MICHELIN
Remember that our associated talents are in bold
Italian female voice overs. Group C   Italian male voices. Group C
Renata, female italian voice over italian voice over, italian voice talent Luigi Fr, Italian voice over
Rita, female italian voice Paolo Mad, Italian voice over
Raffaella, female italian voice locutor italiano, italian voice over Mario Lo, Italian voice over
Helena, female italian voice   Sergio, male italian voice
Federica, female italian voice   Michele, male italian voice
Tamara, female italian voice   Daniele, male italian voice
Zamira, female italian voice Italian voice actress Antonio F, male italian voice
Annabel, female italian voice Giancarlo Pin., male italian voice
Daniela B, female italian voice Nicola Con, male italian voice
Valeria Ban, female italian voice over talent   Mario Lor, locutor de Italia
Alice, Italian female voice talent   Domenico, italian male  voice
Ginevra, female italian voice   Andrea, Italian male voice over
Rafaella Cav, female italian voice Simone, Italian voice over
Daniela, female italian voice Donato, male italian voice
Rita,  Italian female voice talent   Paolo  Al, Italian male voice over
Patrizia,  Italian female voice talent   Paolo Mad, Italian voice talent
locutora italiana, Italian voice over Nicole, Italian voice over   Gianluca J, Italian voice over
Antonia Bru, Italian voice talent   Nicolas, Italian voice talent
Daniela Pell, Italian female voice actress   Simone, Italian voice over
Alexandra, Italian female voice talent      

Max, italian  voice over. Recording  Coca Cola Spot
Corporative text "Citizengo" with Federica´s voice
Italian child voice talents. Group A Italian voice over actors. Group C
Federica, child italian voice talent   Simone, Italian voice over
Giulia, Italian kid voice over Sandro, male voice actor
Lucia Gar, girl italian voice Mauro, Italian voice talent
Tamara, Italian chid voice talent Riccardo, Italian voice over
Federica, kid voice in italian Francesco,  Italian voice over
Riccardo,  Italian child voice talent   Italian voice overs actors. Dubbing recording studio
Anita, Italian child voice artist   Bárbara, female voice
Laura, Italian child voice over   Carmen, female italian voice

Riccardo, italian child, spot for Privalia
  Cecilia, female italian voice
  Laura C, female italian voice
  Giampiero, male voice actor
Italian child voices. Group B   Ruggiero, Italian voice actor
Roberta Pas, boy voice Italian voice talent.  Italian female voice over Janpa Ale, Italian voice actor
Laura Max,  italian child voice Lorella, Italian voice actress
Anita, girl italian recording Loretta, Italian voice actress
Laura M., boy voice for a italian recording   Ilaria, Italian voice actress

Alice, Italian child voice over

  Carlo, Italian voice actor


Marco, male voice actor

"Dexway" recording with Max, associated talen
Paolo Es and Max.  Recording television spot
Italian voice overs. GroupD Italian voice over actors. Group D
Leonardo   Andrea
Ivano   Marcello
Gabriele   Ilario
Dario   locutor italiano, Italian voice talent Federico Fog, Italian voice talent
      Simone, male voice actor



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