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Escena Digital: voices for videos

Voices for videos. Video voice over recording services. Video dubbing.  Video dubbing company. Video dubbing voice over services. Voice overs for broadcast & corporate content. Corporate video dubbing. Corporate video voices. Corporate video voice over company

Escena Digital: video dubbing

Video dubbing voices. Video dubbing company. Video dubbing services. Video dubbing rates. Video dubbing voice overs. Video voice over services. Video dubbing voice over services.  Corporate video dubbing. Corporate video voice over rates

Escena Digital: video dubbing recording studio

Our producers will help you find the voice-over solution, video dubbing recordings, the best voice over for  your video. We have to a castin for dubbing, lip sync o recording script. Quality and professional dubbing video company


What We Do

Video dubbing

Video dubbing lip sync recording. Video dubbing voice over recordings. Full-service dubbing & video translation. We can record in 90 languages. The best quality 


 We provide the highest quality subtitling services for audio dubbing.  Subtitle text of the dialog or commentary in films and video .

Production music

Production music for video dubbing recordings, movies, documentaries, audio guides, audio books, cartoons and video games. Video background music

Video voice overs

We are +6000 voices for video. 90 different languages. Video voices and edition. Video voice over services 

Voices for video

The voice over team is about 6000 voices.  Editing , production a creation of content for business.  Corporate voices for business

Video dubbing agency

Video dubbing in English , French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and American English. Voices

Video dubbing services.  Jason, English American voice over. Corporate video recording: Unwto

Video dubbing voices.   Corporate video recording: «Gala» .  English voice over team

Video dubbing voice overs.  Albert, Spanish voice over.  Corporate video recording for Azvi

Tourist video recording. Fiorina, French voice over.  Dubbing video: «Baqueira«

Dubbing video.  English British voice over: Tony.  Isla de Pascua video recording

Dubbing video voice overs.  Max, Italian voice talent. Video corporate: «Dexway»

Video voices

Video dubbing voices. Oscar, Mexican voiceover. Recording video «Smarteca»

Dubbing video voices

Josh, American voice over.  Dubbing video: «E-commerce»

Voice over for video

Maomao, Chinese voice talent.  Recording corporate video content for business

Video dubbing voices

Video dubbing voices. Priscila, Brazilian voicer. «Nespresso» video dubbing recording

Spanish/ English/ French/ Portuguese female voices


Spanish/English/French/Portuguese male voice talents

Spanish/ French/ English/ Portuguese children voices


Royalty free music for business

Professional video dubbing recording. Background music free download for videos

Royalty free background music for business. Royalty free music for creative projects & videos.  Escena Digital is a free website (royalty free music) for commercial use for small business . Download free music for videos.  Check it out to find royalty free music.

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