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French female voice overs. Group A   French male voice talents. Group A
Faye, French voice over
French cartoon dubbing. Voice overs: Jean D, Julien, Thomas and Faye
Thomas, French male voice over
Fiorina, Fench female voice talent Jean Didier, French male voice talent
Ségo, French female voice over and voice actress Jean Moran, French male voice talent
Noemie, French female voice over   Jerome,  French male voice talent
locutora francesa, locutoras francesas Sophie So, French voice over   Julien Che,  French male voice over
Carene, French voice over   French voice over talent Julien So, French voice over
French voice over talent Caroline, French voice over talent   Henri, French male voice over
Heloisse, French voice over talent Frank, French male voice over
Nathalie,  French female voice over Sebastien, French male voice talent
Magali, French female voice talent Aurelien, French voice overs
Nelly,  French female native voice artist Fiorina, French voice over . Recording corporate video "Baqueira" Gerald, French male voice talent
Benedicte, french voice over talent French voiceover, French voice over, French female voice talent Francois, French male voice talent
Claire, French female voice over Benoit Fi, French male voice talent
Claudia Rou, French female voice over Arnaud, French male voice talent
      locutor frances, French voice talent Bertrand, French voice talent

Remember that the associated voices are in bold

French female voice talents. Group B   French male voice talents. Group B
Veronique,  French female voice over French voice over, French male voice over, French voice talent Claude, French male voice talent
Marielle, French female voice talent Christophe Le, French male voice talent
Isabelle, French female voice talent Jean Noel, French male voice talent
Alexandra, French female voice talent   Justin, French male voice talent
Martine F. French female voice talent   Julien D, French male voice talent
Maria Elena, French female voice talent   Fabien G, French male voice talent
Sophie, French female voice talent   Stephane Co, French male voice talent
Marie, French female voice talent French voice over, French female voice over Arnaud F, French male voice talent
Heloisse, French female voice talent Michel Ru, French male voice talent
Marion, French female voice talent Philippe, French male voice talent
Sophie Ru,  French female voice over   Yoann, French male voice talent
Claudia, French female voice artist Alex,  French male  voice over
Sophie Jul,  French female voice talent
Video for the company
"Tejas Cobert".
Jean Didier´s voice
Frank, French male voice over
Sandra, Fench female voice talent Florent M, French male voice talent
Alexandra Ans, French female voice over artist Julien D, French male voice over
French female voice over Virginie, French female voice over Laurent, French male voice talent
Marianne, french talent Christian, French male voice talent
Sophie Rou,  French female voice over Alain, French male voice over


  Michael Du, French male voice talent
    Mathieu, French male voice talent
French voice overs. French voice talents. French voice over talent Christophe F, French male voice talent


Yacine, French Male voice talent
    Eric, French male voice talent

French voices: different accents

Industrial video "Danosa", with Jerome´s voice

Morocco´s voices in french language


French canadian voices



Children French voice overs
      Faye, girl voice. French kid voice talent

French singers

Anais,  young french voice over
Christopher, song for "Barbapapá" Vicent, real boy Fench voice over
Faye, voiceover and singer. Song for a doll Enzo, real boy French voice over
      Heloisse, girl voice. French voice talent
      Sophie Jul,  Child girl  French voice talent.
      Sophie Jul, Child boy French voice over.
      Sego, child female voice over


French voice overs. Video recordings

Recording corporate video "Citizengo". French female voice over: Faye Escena Digital Team of french voices Eurosport spot with Jean Moran voice Recording for the videogame "The Crows", with Jerome and Fiorina Corporative video "Baupanel" with Jean Didier


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