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Escena Digital: voice over prices

Voice over prices. Voice over price per word. Voice over price per minute. Voice over costs. Voice over cost per word. Voice over cost per minute. Voice over costs. Voice over prices . Voice over pricing The voice over rates can be :   voice over rates per hour, voice over prices per minute, voice over price per session, voice over price per anime, per audio book.Voice over rates. Voice over rate. Voice over prices. Corporate voice over rates. E-learning voice over rates. Cartoon voice over rates. Documentary voice over rates. Voice over artist rates. Commercial voice over rates. Broadcast voice over rates. Non-Broadcast voice over rates. Dubbing quotes. Dubbing rates. Dubbing recording rates. Dubbing production rates. Voice over rate

Escena Digital: voice over quotes

 Voice over quotes. Non-broadcast voice over rates. Voice over rates. Voice over rate. Voice over quotes.Voice over service rates. Voice over prices. Voice over agency rates. Voice over rates non-broadcast.Voice over services rates.Voice over rates tv and radio broadcast. Professional voice over rates. Dubbing quotes. Dubbing rates. Dubbing prices. Voiceover rates. Voice over rates per word: 0.03 to 0.19 EUR. Voice over prices per minute: 6 EUR to 19 EUR . Voice over rates per hour: 360 EUR to 1200 EUR. E-learning voice over rates, audio books voice over rates and IVR voice over rates. Voice over costs.

Escena Digital : voice over prices

Voice over prices Voice over quotation. Voice acting agency costs : male voice over rate. Female voice over rate and quote. Voice acting rates. Spanish recordings fees. Spanish voice overs quotation. Cheap voice overs rates and fees. Cheap voice overs agency quotes. Spanish voice overs budget . Voice overs quotation. Spanish dubbing services rates. Budget for recording in Spanish from Spain studio. Voice over rates non-broadcast. Voice over rates tv broadcast.

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Escena Digital : voice over rates. Voice over prices.


Non-broadcast recordings. Voice over rates

Audio-guide– 2000 words :450 €
E-learning courses: 2000 words 600 €

IVR message (budget per one) 150 €
Audiobook -2000 words 450 €

Casting (per voice) 200 €
Toys/machines: 400 €
Podcasts: 1000 words- 200 €

Educational videos:2000 words 450 €

Corporate videos: 500 words: 375 €

Medical narration: 500 words: 300 €


Non-broadcast recordings. Discount

Audio guide – 2000 words: 20 to 40 %
E-learning courses-
2000 words:  10 to 70 %

IVR messages :  20 to 50 %
Audiobook: 2000 words: 20 to 40 %

Casting (per voice) :  20 to 100 %
Toys/machines : 20 to 40 %

Podcasts:3000 words: 20 to 40 %
Educational videos– 2000 words: 30 to 60 %

Corporate videos:  500 words – 20 to  40 %

Medical narration: 500 words – 20 -50%



Escena Digital : voice over rates. Voice over prices.


Broadcast recordings. Voice over rates

TV broadcast-National– 525 €
TV broadcast- Regional: 400 €

Radio broadcast- National: 150 €
Radio broadcast-Regional -130 €

Casting (per voice) 100 €
Social Media recording: 430 €
Internet radio: 150 €

Broadcast corporate videos: 450 €

Video games recordings: 500 words: 375 €

Youtube channel recording: 500 words: 280 €


Broadcast recordings. Discount

TV broadcast-National– 20-40 %
TV broadcast- Regional: 30-40 %

Radio broadcast- National: 10-20 %
Radio broadcast-Regional -10-20 %

Casting (per voice) 10-30 %
Social Media recording: 20-50 %
Internet radio: 10-20 %

Broadcast corporate videos: 20-40 %

Video games recordings: 500 words: 20-50%

Youtube channel : 500 words: 30-60 %

Broadcast voice over recordings

Broadcast voice over rates. Broadcast voice over rates per minute and hours. Broadcast voice over quotes. Voice talent rates. Voices rates.  Voices quotes. Broadcast voice overs costs. Broadcast voice over prices. Voice over talents fees.  Voice acting rates. Voice over rate non broadcast. Voiceover rates non union. Voice over artist rates .

American English voice overs.  Dubbing teleshopping “Kool”. North American voices: Jason y otros


Non-broadcast voice over recordings

Non-broadcast voice over rates. Non-broadcast voice over rates per minute. Non-broadcast voice over quotes. Voice talent rates. Voices rates Non-broadcast.  Voices quotes. Non-broadcast voice overs costs. Voice over prices. Voice over talents fees.  Voice acting rates. Voice over rate non broadcast. 

Portuguese  voice overs. Recording non-broadcast e-learning course – Youtube channel.


Dubbing studio. Dubbing recordings

Dubbing quotes. Dubbing prices.  English dubbing company. Spanish dubbing services.  Spanish dubbing quotes. Portuguese dubbing quotes. Italian dubbing quotation. Dubbing studio based in Spain.  Dubbing voices quotation. Dubbing services. Dubbing services prices. Dubbing studio quotes.

Spanish dubbing . Spanish dubbing voice overs. Spanish dubbing studio. Film

Dubbing services. Dubbing quotes

Escena Digital : Dubbing  quotes. Dubbing services


Dubbing lyp sync - 1000 minutes. Rates per minute

Spanish dubbing– 49 €
Portuguese dubbing 65 €

Brazilian dubbing: 55 €
Latin American dubbing -49 €

French dubbing  95€
English UK dubbing: 120 €
English USA dubbing: 130 €

Italian dubbing: 75 €

German Dubbing: 120 €

Russian dubbing: 65 €

Voice over project– Documentaries:

12-25 € . Different languages


Dubbing lip sync. Discount

Spanish dubbing– 20-50 %

Portuguese dubbing: 20-40 %

Brazilian dubbing: 10-20 %
Latin American dubbing -20-45 %

French dubbing: 10-30 %
English UK dubbing: 20-30 %
English American dubbing: 10-20 %

Italian dubbing: 20-40 %

German dubbing:  10-20%

Russian dubbing :  20-40 %

Voice over project:  20-40 %




Dubbing services. Dubbing voice overs

Escena Digital : Dubbing voice over agency: 90 languages/6000 demos

American voice overs


French voice overs

Spanish voice overs


Albert, Spanish voice over. Recording video “Arcelor Mittal”


Escena Digital can offer a discount 30 -70%

  • Discount: commercial voice over cost 30-50% 30-50%
  • Discount: video voice over cost 60% 60%
  • Discount commercial radio ads 70% 70%
  • Discount e-lerning voices costs 40% 40%
  • Discount dubbing rates 30% 30%
  • Discount music production 100% 100%
  • Discount- IVR voice over cost 40% 40%

Commercial - Television ads

Television ads recording and online commercial videos: 525 EUR

Corporate video recordings

Corporate video recording. The voice over fee is 385 euros.

Background music rates

The music costs is 1 to 30 EUR. We have about 10000 songs- royalty free music

Radio recording and ads

Commercial radio recordings: 150 EUR

Dubbing rates. Dubbing costs

The dubbing rate is per minute or hour. The voice over costs is about 45 EUR – 80 EUR

IVR recordings. Voice over costs

The minimum cost is 150 EUR ( 1 to 3 messages recordings)

Voice over costs

Spanish voice over quote , voice professional actors to record radio or tv spots, audio books and interactive audio guides and advertising for radio and tv producers. Professional voice over costs. What is the voice over rates for dubbing projects?, What are the quotes from voice over actors. How much do you charge for voice over work? , How much money does a video narrator make? How much money does an e-learning course reader make? These are the voice over quotes for audio books, e-learning projects, video narration… We are an multilingual agency . Our Royalty-free music is free for recordings spots and corporate videos

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Budgets for business

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