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Guarantees and methodology voice over talents


Escena Digital is created by proffesional voice talents that works associated all around the world by internet.

 Our methodology guarantee a great quality recording in more than 85 languages. Our service is:

  •   Economic

  •   Fast

  •   Quality

The best guarantee is the satisfaction of our customer and the thousand of recordings that we do every year since 2004.

How do we work?

Escena Digital Locutores S.L. will gives you the final budget when the text and indications were sent to the email.The value time of the budget is 15 days; after that time, the customer must write again to know the new budget.

Urgent recordings or record during weekend will have a charge of 100%. The total ammount must be paid in advance. This urgent recordings could be done just if the choose voice is available.

SOUND QUALITY We work from our own proffesional studios, we don´t send the voices to another studios. The sound will be send in a standar format: wav or mp3.

All the budget of less than 200 euros fro spanish talents and 245 euros for foreign talents must be paid in advance.

For other amounts, the payment must be done 50% before start and the rest after the send of the job. There are no circumstances that would exempt the client to pay the job.

Escena Digital would choose your payment method: bank transfer if you are in UE and paypal for the rest.

You will recieve a proform invoice for the first payment. The original one will be sent when the job and the payment is finished.

We don´t do refunds of the money; if the customer pays a service that finally doesn´t use or pay twice for a mistake of his administration department, Escena Digital keep that money for another project.

Also, have in mind, that we don´t do any refunds if the customer doesn´t accept the recording; we always verify the quality of the recording before send it and we are sure that the recording is correct when we send it to check it.

Without the payment of the work, the customer couldn´t use the recordings because the rights are no paid.


The customer must provides Escena Digital of the neccesary information to do the recording correctly. Also, if the customer forgot send part of the text or changes it, and the voiceover must come back to the studio to record again, the customer must pay again the job.

This premise might be also valueif the customer choose a voice that finally he doesn´t like. If that happens and a new voice must record the job, the customer must pay again.

CHECK OUT The customer must check the job when Escena Digital send it. The check time is 3 days, after this days we do not accept any claim.

After done the recording, the customer has 30 days to keeP the recording in his own system: we don´t store the recordings.


Take care choosing the voice for your project; it doesn´t exist 2 equal voices and neither it´s just 1 stile of recording. It´s your responsability choose the correct voice for your project, we just could guarantee that all the voices are profesional and natives.

We could repeat 1 time the recording if we commit a mistake or we recorded the file in bad quality (obviously).

Also, if in the first recording the voice talent "has not grasped" the indications of the customer. Allways with the same text.

Anyway, give us all the information need to do a correct recording at the first time, is customer responsability. We don´t use Skype and neither RDSI.


Spanish guitar royalty-music . Music production for radio and tv ads.

Javier J, spanish voice.  Recording for  a tv spot  for"Just Eat"

Mar, Spanish female voice talent.  Spot "Beni oranges" for television




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Escena Digital voice overs   

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