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Royalty-free music free. Copyright free music. Cheap Library Music and professional jingles.  Download  royalty-free music in mp3 or wav .  Cheap library music for  advertising radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds,  Royalty-free music for  audiovisual and advertising guidelines for companies. Music library for producing radio and television. Royalty free music for television, radio.  Music library producing for cinema and advertising. Artistic creations for television and film soundtracks and television. Music for documentaries. These themes are free and can be downloaded freely. The quality is not the most suitable for professional projects.  Download royalty-free music and background music for use as Production music, bumper music, cinema music, television music-free royalties  and music on hold.  Cheap Broadcast Production Music Library. Royalty free music for Youtube videos.  Royalty free music libraries.  Royalty free music free downloads

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You can download free soundtrack music, free background music for Youtube videos and royalty free music for your project. A free collection of royalty free music for Youtube videos.  You can use the royalty-free songs for commercial and non-commercial videos.   If you need a voice over for your videos the music is free.  License free instrumental for films, television, dubbing  projects and advertising .  This is royalty-free broadcast music

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You can download free these songs for:   Radio, tv, television, film, video, industrial dvd, films soundtracks, multimedia and others production.  The music is pop, rock, dance , orchestra, dance, jazz, clasical...   These themes are for advertising and spots, films and soundtracks.  Quality: mp3 or wav.In order to illustrate documentary sonorous passages of and films it is very important to select a basic appropriate music. Also the selection of music in publicity, as much in wedges of radio as in television spot, can determine the success or the failure of a campaign. Music also accompanies to us when we marked the telephone of a company and their lines are occupied. Every day they are plus the companies worldwide that ask for basic music to us to accompany their messages by welcome. Thinking about the students and the radio transmitters local and of television that lack budget to create appropriate sound tracks we have selected, between all the compositions of our bank of sounds, several free songs of author rights, that have been composed by us from samples, they can use so that them free and frees. In the composition of these songs we have used several days. Simply we asked they use that them in publicity, radio, television, films, corporative public address system, documentary, videos, presentations multimedia, messages of welcome of switchboards of telephones, etc. This prohibited its redistribution and sale. It is a gratuitous service. In is page, dedicated to syntonies of radio programs, of television and sound tracks of film, will find: Music for publicity Songs to illustrate stories and videogames. Music for films, documentary, audio-visual and audio tourist. Songs, free of rights, for wedges of publicity and spot of television. Syntonies of informative, musical, cultural and sport programs. Melodies for cinema, theater and videogames… Musical syntonies for videos and DVDs.  Royalty free sound effects library, sound effects free for tv and radio, sound library gratis, Music Library . Royalty free songs and videogames.

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Jingles music and professional recording voiceovers for radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds and advertising guidelines for companies. Production music library for radio and television. Royalty free music for television, radio, film and advertising. Artistic creations for television and film soundtracks and television. Music documentaries. These themes are free and can be downloaded freely. The quality is not the most suitable for professional projects.


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Dirección General: Jesús Ángel Morato. Teléfono : + 34 666 93 18 29 Administración: Luisa Prado. Teléfono : + 34 670 90 95 51 . Teléfono 0034 91 461 83 88  Estudios  de grabación asociados en Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, Zamora, Lugo, , Marbella, Sevilla, Cádiz, Ciudad Real, Girona y  Aragón. Estudios de grabación asociados en Chequia, Polonia, Portugal, Egipto,  Francia,  Inglaterra, Alemania, Brasil, Turquía, México, China, Rusia y Corea.

Escena Digital locutores S.L.  Madrid ( España)  Nif B84656313 . Tomo 22816 - Folio 96 - Sección 8 - Hoja M 408424 . Copyright © 2006

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Música gratis para documentales. Música libre de derechos para cuñas de radio  y spots de televisión. .  Estudios de doblaje en EspañaDoblaje de dibujos animados. Actores y actrices de doblaje .  Creación y locución de cuñas y spots. Locutores griegos. Locutoras y locutores rusos, locutores coreanos. Formulario de solicitud de grabaciones gratuitas Locutores búlgaros. Doblaje en Bulgaria. Producciones para radio. Locuciones telefónicas. Locuciones para webs. Locuciones de cursos . Presentadores para eventos. Descargas gratuitas . Cuñas publicitarias de radio. Locuciones de spots . Estudio de grabación en  Madrid.   Estudios de doblajes. Instalaciones . Libraries - Films and Music- Free.  Música de librería para publicidad. Música de librería para fondo de vídeos.  Fondos musicales para cuñas de radio Fondos musicales para audiovisuales y audioguías Bandas sonoras para programas de radio y de televisión. 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