Colombian voice talents. Latin american voice overs

Colombian voiceovers  and Latin American voice overs  for the recording and dubbing of videos and DvdLatin American male voice talents. Latin American female voice talent. Colombian male voice overs and female voiceovers for recordings to corporate videos , documentary courses of formation( e-learning courses).  Locution and dubbing of videogames in Spanish Colombian language. Spanish Colombian voice overs specialized in the locution of radio wedges and podcats.  Colombian voice talent for spot of television and dubbing of series. Colombian voiceovers with economic prices and recordings of quality.  Spanish Colombian voice overs : Budgets, quote and very economic prices in locution of doubled audio-visual projects in Spanish of Colombia  ( and Spanish neutral voiceovers)  by Colombian speakers . Dubbing of series of television, videogames in neutral Spanish and documentary, dvds and works multimedia by Colombian  speakers of dubbing (Colombia). Cartoon and videogames Spanish- Colombian voice talent for cartoon and videogames.  Colombian voice over rates for dubbing.  Latin American Colombian neutral Spanish voice overs rates.  
Colombian female talents. Group A   Colombian male talents. Group A



Colombian and neutral Spanish voice over. Hayfa is voice talent, journalist and tv host. She has worked for brands like Samsung, Johnson&Jonhson and Coca Cola. Duvier has a long experience in radio. With us, Duvier has recorded e-learning courses and advertising from years ago.

Recordings of colombian voice talents in 2014

Sandra Ag

Antonio C

Colombian and neutral Spanish voice over

Antonio is  Colombian voice over .Part of our team from 10 years ago recording corporative and advertising


Antonio C did this recording for a e-learning course

Erika, colombian female voice over  

Carlos Es
Sandra S, colombian voice  

Carlos es one of our usual talents with colombian accent for corporative videos and advertising

Patty, colombian voice


Juan Carlos Gut, colombian male voiceover
Marcela Luis Alejandro, colombian male voiceover
Sandra Ro Alejandro Res, colombian male voiceover
Angélica   Oscar, colombian male voiceover

Luis Alejandro, Colombian voice over

Carlos Cal, colombian male voiceover

Colombian child voices

  Freddy, colombian male voiceover
Hayfa, child voice

Orlando, colombian male voiceover
Erika, young female voice    
Patty, girl voice    
Yos, child colombian voice      
María José, child voice  

Remember that our associated talents are in bold

Isabela, young colombian voice      
Manuela, young colombian voice


Colombian female voices. Group B   Colombian male voices. Group B

Fabio, colombian male voiceover
Lina Va Ernesto B, colombian male voiceover
Nora Elena Carlos Alberto, colombian male voiceover
Jennifer Gal

Royalty-free music for corporate videos recordings

William Loz, colombian male voiceover

Julián Bus, colombian male voiceover
Natalia Edwin Or, colombian male voiceover
Claudia Val Alejandro Lo, colombian male voiceover
Lili   Alex Dra, colombian male voiceover
Martha   Andrés San, colombian male voiceover

Tommy, colombian male voiceover
Catalina Humberto

  Alfonso Jesús
    Enrique Nar

Oscar Iván

 Background jazz music for videos

Sebastian Mor



  Iván Am
    Leonardo Fav, colombian male voiceover

Chill out royalty-free music for recordings

  Eduardo Co, Colombian male voice talent
      Oscar Eduardo, Colombian male voice talent
      Alfonso Va, Colombian voiceover


Colombian voice over talent. Group C

Jorge V, colombian talent

Gabriel Ru, colombian voiceover
Ricardo Ta, colombian voiceover
    Germán Quin., colombian voiceover      
    Carlos Andrés, colombian talent




Ludwing, colombian voiceover

Tommy, colombian voiceover    
Willian Jesús, colombian voiceover    
Fabio, colombian talent
Pablo David, colombian talent
José Libardo, colombian voiceover

Pedro Luis, colombian talent
Julio Mon., colombian voiceover
Felipe Car, colombian voiceover
Santiago San, colombian voiceover
Roberto Cu, colombian voiceover
Mario Ara, colombian talent
José Mauricio, colombian voiceover
Edwin, colombian talent
Maurico Par, colombian talent
Andrés Macías, Colombian male voice over
Diego Ru, Colombian male voice talent
Mauricio Perez,  Colombian male voice over


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